Rita Berghuis
Textile Art


Here you find clothes and bags which I designed myself.
In my clothes and bags I often use fabrics which I made myself. Which makes the designs even more exclusive.
Several clothes are made in commission.

Bridal dress

She wanted to be a princess one day... There are 30 pearl buttons at the back, 17 metres of tulle whereof more than half 3 metres wide.

Marieke Robin Marieke Robin Marieke Robin Marieke Robin



This collarpiece 'Roses in the Air' is made for a contest Collarpieces, presented by the Fries Museum, Leeuwarden-NL.

Bridal dress

This silk dress has been made especially for our daughter. The dress has a cotton lining.

Hanneke Hanneke Hanneke


This silk dress is especially made for Pia for wearing giving concerts.

Pia Greiner 1 Pia Greiner 2


The weddingdress is a three piece garment, made of silk. The men's costume is made of linen.

Dirk en Hanneke Hanneke

Evening gown

This garment is worked out after a Burdamode-pattern. I changed the pattern to create a better look. A scarf completes the garment.

Marieke Detail


The top of this shawl is made of silk fabrics. The back fits to an evening gown. In the contest 10 years Voetjebreed - 'Make a Wearable Shawl' - honored first place.




Small bag

avondtas avondtas achter


I designed this asymmetrical jacket for Margriet. She chose the organic forms and the colours.

jas Margriet Margriet 2 detail

Chenille jacket

This jacket is my own design, made of chenille. Chenille is a velvetsoft fabric, created by using multiple layers of fabric.

jas Rita detail

Chenille vest - Flowers

I made this chenille vest in commision. It is my own design. You see stylised flowers in green on a red and orange background.

Beth 2 Beth 1